Thank you for being part of this incredible Space Coast Staycation campaign to support our local business owners! In an effort to help you support this campaign we have made these graphics that you can use to share your own itinerary or just share the Space Coast Staycation in general.

When you share anything for the Space Coast Staycation, please remember to use the hashtag #SpaceCoastStaycation and tag the local businesses on Facebook within your post as well as the Melbourne Regional Chamber.


Click the images below to access full size images for sharing on social media!.

Share your own Itinerary!

The whole campaign is about driving people to the website so they can built and share their Space Coast Staycation itinerary! So one of the best ways you can help is to create your own and share it.  Do that here!

Here’s an example of one we created to show you how it’s done!